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Post by ReaperX on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:49 pm

There is no excuse for not reading these rules. Do not use ignorance as an excuse.
Section 1:

1. Staff are to be obeyed at all times, unless their instructions contradict another rules

2. The main goal of this site is Roleplay. While you do not have to do any roleplaying on this site, there will not be much else to do

3. Ciphers are not invincible. More on this in Section 2

4. Swear words and the like are allowed in all areas of this forum. However, keep it in-character when within the RP areas.
--4.1 On the same note: bashing another member's race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc. is looked down upon, and will result in punishment depending on the seriousness of the act.
---4.2 Under roleplay circumstances, rule 4.1 will be excused. In-Character discrimination is allowed.

5. If your character dies, they can either be resurrected by a Life Cipher or they can take on the Blank World. If a Life Cipher of sufficent skill is not in the thread when the character dies, and they then fall in the Blank World. They stay dead.

6. GOD MODDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You cannot control another person's character without their permission, and your attacks can be dodged. You cannot dodge every attack thrown at you, and you can't have your character use information gleaned outside of the Roleplay areas (such as AMAs without the other person's consent).

7. Links to your character should be provided via the Signature feature. Failure to do so will result in a gentle prod by one of the staff members.

Section 2:

1. Characters can only be of one faction. They will have allegiance to one of the two factions, and will be placed in the appropriate Pending Character area.

2. Ciphers are still mortal beings. They can learn new spells and use weapons like everyone else, the only difference is that their abilities with a certain type of magic will be enhanced.
--2.1 A person cannot be more than one type of Cipher. Multi-Ciphers require admin permission to be created.
---2.2 Most Ciphers are only capable of learning magic from their affinity. Multi-Ciphers are the only exception.

3. A character's appearance should match their race. No having a Blackwing with green skin, or a Human with blue skin.

4. The templates provided in the Pending Character areas are there for a reason. Use them.

5. Interracial offspring must be notified to an admin. Admins are the only ones who will be able to approve cross-species characters.

6. Masterwork characters are not Ciphers. They still have the ability to learn magic, they just aren't as tuned to one type of magic.

Section 3:

1. Sexual content is not allowed on this forum. In cases where these situation arise, you may simply 'Fade to Black' as an alternative.

2. Masterwork personnel and Silver Phantoms will normally never interact with one another peacefully unless their allegiances are unknown to both parties.
--2.1 The exception to Rule 2 is only present in the Residential District
----2.2 Silver Phantoms enter the Residential District via the Old Tramway. This location is unknown to the Masterwork, and as such cannot be closed off.

3. Enterprise City is on a planet separate from Earth. Things that exist on Earth have the same names, but band names and the like will be changed. It is entirely possible for your character to 'create' a song that already exists in our world.

4. The tagging rules from the other Un-Glued sites apply here. See The RWBY Thread Creation Rules
--4.1 The only tags that do not apply are the Team tags, unless it applies to a certain Branch of each faction as explained in the Faction's Archives.

These rules are subject to change without warning. Rules may be added or removed as Staff see fit.

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